A loving Heart is the truest wisdom...Charles Dickens

Love is letting go of fear.....Gerald Jampolsky

Its wonderful to return from our winter trip to the colour and flavour of Spring. The swallows are nesting and the little ones are learning to fly and working out how to land without missing the mark! The King Parrots are gently swooping to remind me they are there and the magpies have young demanding to be fed. The weeds have grown and the labyrinths have sprouted all kinds of interesting plants this year. Its been quite a tidy up and we are nearly there.! I am so grateful each day I wake to this beautiful place. In fact I am grateful to just be alive each day to be able to absorb all the wonderful things around me in the midst of what seems to be chaos in many parts of the world.

Mindfulness engages us in this moment with all our senses, sight, sound, touch,taste, smell and the feelings within and without.

Have you given yourself a mindful few moments in your garden this week ? Or at work or at the park?

What do you do to bring yourself into the here and now?

Or are you constantly distracted and only "sort of "paying attention? Its possible to spent our entire lives distracted by thinking. Yet it is so simple to get into the habit of "taking a moment" , "taking a breath" or just simply "stopping and smell the roses". ( I sniffed one today in a neighbours garden and the perfume was glorious!)

You might like to join me for a labyrinth walk or a crystal singing bowl meditation to deepen your connection.

Crystal Singing Bowl meditations: $10

( If you want to lie down bring comfy stuff)

7.30 - 8.45pm Thursday Oct 24th at Shep Osteo Clinic

!0am- 11.15am Tuesday Oct 29th at Chapel on Maude (old Wesley Church)

7.30 pm Thursday 14th November at Shep Osteo 

LABYRINTH WALK , (its been a while!) Saturday 26th October 3.30-5pm Gold coin donation. 36 Furphy ave, Kialla

 Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself---Richard Bach

Love and blessings,