A labyrinth is an incredible gift from the universe.

Used regularly is a potent harmonizing influence

for your entire environment.

The labyrinth is an ancient design which first appeared 3000 to 4000 years ago. It has appeared in all parts of the world, and was used by many cultures. It was drawn and traced by the eye or placed on the ground and used as a form of walking meditation and contemplation. The labyrinth has only one winding path which leads to the center, there are no choices as with a maze. It is an ancient symbol which was once used as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of human spirituality.History shows that people used them to balance, heal, empower and create transformation for themselves.One very important quality is that they help calm the mind and center the body. In this busy world we live in we are often pulled in many different directions and need something to to bring us back to our center and restore harmony. The labyrinth was designed just for this purpose and so it is not surprising it is gaining popularity again.

Walked with purpose the labyrinth becomes

a metaphor for the journey of life .

It is a single path to the centre, a slowing down, a listening,

then returning by the same path to the outer world

renewed and rejuvenated.

For more information go to www.labyrinthsociety.org



Australian Labyrinth Network Facebook page

With the help of her husband and son Lisa created her first Classical labyrinth in September 2008 at her home which is in a beautiful semi bush setting to the south of Shepparton. .

Her second labyrinth, the Santa Rosa, came into being in January 2010,with the gratefully received and enthusiastic help of seven others from our community. Unfortunately flooding in September 2010 removed the Santa Rosa labyrinth.

A 9 circuit Chartres type labyrinth was completed with the help of many friends at Easter 2012.

Her third labyrinth , a Triple Spiral designed by Tony Christie, was completed in time for World Labyrinth Day 2017 

Lisa sponsors labyrinth events in order to share this beautiful tool for health, growth and wellbeing with others in her community.

(See events and class dates page)

Luckily there are now 20 labyrinths in the Shepparton region, mostly in backyard spaces which are enjoyed by their owners on a daily basis. There are 2 local Primary schools with permanent labyrinths in Shepparton and Tatura. The University of Melbourne Rural Academic Center installed a beautiful paved Chartres labyrinth in March 2011. The regions first permanent public labyrinth was installed in Ferrari Park Mooroopna with the opening in October 2016. It is a Classic pattern.

"The Bush Labyrinth " created in 2009 is located in the bush behind Stewart Reserve playground, 160 The Boulevard, Shepparton and approved by Parks Victoria in 2018.

Lisa is passionate about sharing the labyrinth, so please do not hesitate to call for more information or to arrange creating one of your own.

Why do we walk?

The labyrinth can provide a way to quiet the mind, to be in touch with our bodies, to notice the natural world,to increase the awareness of self and the relationship of self to others , to our world and to the whole of creation. The labyrinth can be a vehicle towards increased unity , wholeness and healing.

Guidelines on Walking

( keeping in mind there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth! )

There are as many ways to experience a labyrinth as there are walkers.

Some people get emotional…allow the flow.

As we walk in we cleanse and quieten, release, let go:

When in the centre we receive, gain clarity; a place for meditation and prayer,

On the way out we integrate and return to the outer strengthened & balanced.

Pause at the entry and be clear about your intention for the walk.

(this may simply be that you are going to notice what it is like to experience the labyrinth!)

Remain mindful, be focused, be aware of the metaphor

Tune in on your body and walk at your own pace, walk, run skip, jump!

The path will take you to the middle...you won’t get lost.

Pass if you wish, you can step out of the path if you need to, or allow others to move around you.

Stop within the labyrinth if you feel like it.

Pause in the centre for reflection. You may join others in the middle.

Walk out again by the same path

Pause and turn to face the labyrinth when you are finished. Give thanks

Labyrinth Building

he labyrinth is one of the oldest meditative and contemplative tools known to mankind.

Regular walking has many benefits and what better place to do that than your own back yard or your workplace.

Dr Lisa Shortridge is able to advise you in the placement, pattern, laying out and dedication of your own labyrinth at home or work.

Please contact Lisa to discuss a time to meet and learn more about the labyrinth.

From October 2013 there may be a consultation fee for this service.

 Please email me for any bookings or enquiries.

[email protected]

If you would prefer to phone ...

Dr Lisa Shortridge 0419 562 790